Hail the Champ

27 Jan



I was gonna write a post about belief in yourself and overcoming setbacks but that’s old news.  Today’s story is sweet, sweet victory.

The greatest one hander in the game.  Hands down.  Nadal tested it time and again, and time and again this happened. Forehands, backhands, volleys, unphased by all Nadal had to offered.  What was bizarre was Nadal going back to the loopy topspin well time again.  You do not tempt Stanislas’ backhand, much as you do not go up to Muhammed Ali in 1974 and say “Hey tiny, betcha my face can break your hand!” You just don’t.

You just don’t test or doubt or anything but fear Stanislas.  With his own will and that of the people behind him, he seized his moment and found triumph.  


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